Gajo Buric Triathlon

IT engineer and active triathlete in Serbia, Austria and all across the World. In love with sports from the age of 6. Grew up in a town that has produced swimming and water polo champions for 60 years. Also participates in football, tennis, athletics, kickboxing, and of course water polo where he was in the youth team of the European Cup-Winners VK Bečej.

Started with endurance sports in 2012, first with running long distances and then moved to competitions. Due to his dedication and hard work he has achieved some amazing results and been on several runnning and triathlon competition podiums. His preference is for sprinting and standard distance (Olympic) events, followed by 5 & 10k events.




Best Races:


Vienna Triathlon 2022 Olympic - Gold - 1st place overall 

P3 Super Cup 2022 - Aquabike olympic - Gold - 1st place overall 

Gerasdorf Triathlon 2022 - Aquabike olympic - Gold - 1st place overall 

X-Waters World Championship 2022 e. Montenegro 1 mile OW Swim- Gold - 1st place overall 

Challenge Championship 2021 - Gold - 1st place overall 

European Cup Alanya 2018 - Gold - 1st place overall 

5i50 Zurich - EC 2018 - Gold - 1st place overall

Plavnica Triathlon 2018 - Gold - 1st place overall

Tulln Triathlon 2018 - Gold - 1st place AK, 3rd overall

Giro d'Italia - Gran Fondo Vienna 2014 

Balkan (South East Europe) Championships 2013






Gajo Buric Triathlon

Name: Gajo Buric

Nationality: Serbian
Country: Serbia
Profession: IT engineer - specialist in Web project management , Endurance Coach, PT
Education: Faculty of Technical Sciences - University of Novi Sad; Sports Academy; Sports coaching Academy of London; PT Academy Novi Sad
Favourite distances: Sprint & Olympic Triathlon, Running 10k & 5k
Sports: Triathlon, Running, Swimming, Water polo,
Hobbies: Sports Conditioning, Sports Training, Sports Fitness Training & Nutrition
Favourite TV shows: Only Fools and Horses, Doc Martin, Sherlock Holmes 





Sincerly Yours,




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